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Equity Capital Management, LLC.
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Private Equity Funds

Equity Capital Management, LLC ("ECM") is a principal-oriented investment firm based in Chicago, Illinois with offices and affiliates in New York, St. Louis, and Bern (Switzerland), that seeks opportunities in the commercial net lease real estate markets where supply and demand factors have created strong prospects for current income and superior risk-adjusted returns. ECM's Investment Funds invest in high credit quality middle market net lease and sale leaseback commercial real estate assets that are either undervalued or demonstrate strong prospects for value creation, with a focus on office, industrial, and retail properties. Investments are pursued through one off acquisitions, direct sale leasebacks with corporations and governments, portfolio and/or entity transactions, and joint ventures with other strong operators and institutions.

ECM Income & Growth Fund III

ECM Diversified Income & Growth Fund

ECM Income & Growth Fund

ECM International Real Estate Fund

For more information, please email Shelby Pruett at or James Koman at or call ECM at 312-827-2270.

*Please read the prospectus carefully before you invest. The prospectus contains detailed information, including information about risks that apply to this form of investment and financial information. This is neither an offer to sell nor an offer to buy any securities. Such an offer, if made, is by prospectus only and only in such jurisdictions as permitted by law.